mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

In Italy

When it speak about gold and precious stones is thought to precious jewelry, coins, and gold objects found in children's storybooks, adventure and fairy tale castles, princesses, pirates and booty.
But history teaches us that there are treasures, and also in reality are precious and priceless goods that have been collected over the centuries by Kings and noble buildings and works of art of inestimable value.
The treasures in the world are many, starting from Italy for example there is the famous treasure of the Crown, that encloses all the jewels belonged to Savoy and which were used by the rulers of Savoy in solemn occasions.
Include the jewels of the King and Queen of Piedmont-Sardinia and Italy then, jewellery, everyday members and jewels donated by the rulers to the sanctuary of Oropa, Piedmont.
After the collapse of the monarchy the Crown's treasure is guarded by the Republic in an auditorium of the Bank of Italy, but the House of Savoy said they agree to make these assets objects from the Museum.
In addition to jewelry, Italy is full of priceless treasures that are all his artistic and archaeological heritage, as well as all libraries, churches and valuable objects kept in museums.