In England

Also in London there is the famous treasure of the Crown, which includes jewelry, clothing and coins belonging to the English Crown, which nowadays amounts to six billion pounds, about 15,000 billion lire divided among the various current rulers, starting, of course, by Queen Elizabeth which has the largest share.
They are now preserved in the Tower of London, where they were taken after theft suffered in Westminster Abbey in 1303, and kept under armed escort.
Those present today date from the period of the restoration of the House of Stuart.
These include the Imperial Crown, worn at coronations gifts, gold and diamonds and precious stones, and with the most famous diamond nestled on top of 317 carats.
Another important object is the sovereign's sceptre with the cross, which had belonged to King Charles II in 1661 and rebuilt next to incastonarci the largest diamond in the world, the great Star of AFrica, 530 carats. Among the oldest treasures lies the saliera of Queen Elizabeth I in 1573, and other items dating from the 13th century.
It is curious to know that the Tower of London, or rather a complex of towers, was built along the River Thames in 1066 by William the Conqueror, a fortress against the enemies which was originally a royal residence, then became a prison for many centuries, and today remains Museum of this story as well as home of the Crown jewels.